In the summer of 1996, a young woman decided to invite friends to her home in Frederick, Maryland for an afternoon cookout. The aroma from her backyard must have traveled far and been anointed because 17 women eventually filled her basement.

In her heart she knew it was more than just eating good food. She knew it was a time where Christian women could gather (no matter what level of faith they had) and have fun. She presented the gospel in a subtle way by dividing the women into 3 groups and presented each group with a thought provoking scenario. She then asked them how they should respond as a Christian. The women really got involved in their small group discussions, and the first fellowship lasted until nearly 10 PM. Unfortunately, even good things have to come to an end. Each guest left with an encouragement scripture card, a gift and a merry heart.

Many of the women wanted to know when she would do it again. After pondering the thought a bit, she decided to have the next gathering during the month of December. Once again, the turn out was good and the women were blessed. It was at that time, a true fellowship was born along with a regular meeting schedule.

One could see God moving in the midst of the meetings as women were bonding, freely sharing trials in their lives and drawing closer to God. Each meeting consisted of sharing the word, breaking of bread, fun time and prayer. People soon began to tell the founder that this was indeed her ministry.

For those of you who don’t know her, she is Sophfronia Tucker. In 1998, she moved to Atlanta and passed the torch on to another faithful sister in Maryland, Sister Phyllis Dogan. Another sister with a heart after God.

After being in the Atlanta area for almost a year, the calling for a ladies fellowship was still in Sophfronia’s heart. So she mentioned the idea to a few friends and they said, “go for it”. Thus, she did. The first meeting was held at the home of Sister Angela Wims, where over 15 women attended. Today, the Atlanta ladies fellowship meets once a month and God is still blessing.

In Sophfronia’s travels, God has allowed her to build relationships with many women that love God. She is now connected with women in Fellowships from Maryland, Georgia, Kansas, Texas, South Carolina and most recently, North Carolina.

It is our desire to not only be stronger as sisters in our walk with Christ, but also to be wise stewards over what He has entrusted to us. With that in mind, the Christian Women's Investment Association (CWIA) was born with partnerships created by the members of the ladies fellowships of Maryland and Georgia.

At the retreat of 2003, it was prophetically spoken what was already in Sophfronia's heart, which was to elevate the group from fellowship to ministry. In December of 2003, what was formerly known as the Ladies Fellowship officially became Women of Purpose Fellowship Ministries in the state of Georgia. April 2004 marked the 5th retreat as women of purpose on assignment by God.

Praise God for His works and all that He has done, is doing and will continue to do.